Ike Rodriguez: Reiki Master, US Coast Guard Certified Captain.

Ike Rodriguez is known as the sailing Reiki Master. He is the Captain of The Spirit Seeker, a 39ft Sailing yacht which he calls the “Floating Healing Sanctuary”. Ike, along with The Spirit Seeker is guided without charts or maps by the Divine Universal Life Force Energy a.k.a Reiki. Living the way of Reiki is what shows and up and is shared in Ike’s practice, it’s the great mystery of just being. Guided to where you are needed when you are needed, to be a healing conduit for those who need it, is Ike’s path.

Currently Ike and the Spirit Seeker are on a journey sharing Reiki with the practice of Yoga. Ike actively teaches and attunes new yoga teachers in training, certifying them as Reiki practitioners so they can maintain the healing presence in Yoga.

 As part of being guided by the Universal Life Force Energy, Ike sometimes finds himself sharing his healing way of being in homeless shelters and other various institutions that offer help to the unfortunate, including abused animals.





"Dear Human, Your influence on this world is greater than you think. Hold your  vision, it's who you are."