Sonic Star Seed Awakening Journeys

A visual and sound journey through the Great Akasha. The Akasha is the source of all creation in the cosmos. Within the Akasha you will find the Akashic Records, The record of every souls story, past, present and possible future.

On this Planet we are born with amnesia, we have become victims of indirect lighting and have forgotten our Universal Language of Light.

We come into a Star Seed Awakening Journey with the intention of accessing a special place in the Akasha called The Dimension of Choice. The Dimension of Choice is a place where you commune with your soul group to map out your next reincarnation. You make agreements to process certain karmic pacts, you choose your zodiac sign so you can have the traits that will help you on your path, you choose your parents to help guide you, you choose all the people and challenges in your life to help you process your lessons. You also make agreements to help other souls in your soul group by agreeing to play certain roles in their story.  It’s in this space that great healing can be achieved, where you understand that crisis is your catalyst and disruptions are your driving force towards your soul’s evolution. Imagine the forgiveness and healing that can happen when realizing that your perception of your worst enemy or your worst relationship is actually the deepest form of love and support a soul can agree to show up for.  You made these agreements while in a space of divine universal love in The Dimension of Choice, to help your soul learn and evolve. Things don’t happen to you, they happen by you for you.

 Having my images of the cosmos projected on a screen while listening to the universal sounds of the crystal bowls, planetary gongs and forks, which are tuned to certain planetary and cosmic frequencies, help support you in entering that space of The Dimension of Choice so you remember your true self and remember your mission. This is the space and time when you felt prepared to reincarnate and jump into your starseed pod and begin your voyage to Earth to re-enter the game of life; to take your post and participate in Earth’s process at a time of 11:59:59 seconds, as she moves in into her Galactic Right of Passage.